English title "Sugar and Stars"

Feature Film / 1h45

Production : De l'Autre Côté du Périph'

Producers : Laurence Lascary

Director : Seb Tulard

DoP : Pierre Dejon 

Music : Brice Davoli

Cast : Riadh, Loubna Abidar, Christine Citti, Jean-Yves Berteloot, Pascal Legitimus, Marwan Amesker, Sandrine Dumas, Dycosh ...

“A LA BELLE ETOILE” is based on Yazid Ichemrahem’s autobiographical book “Un rêve d’enfant étoilé.” The story revolves around Yazid, who spends his childhood moving from one foster home to another while dreaming of becoming a pastry chef. Nothing predestines him for such a career, but Yazid’s fierce determination and resourcefulness allow him to thrive in the elitist arena of patisserie. Working for the world’s top chefs from Paris to Monaco, Yazid sets off to win the international pastry championship.

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